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ACCEL Energy is a program that will support you in creating the most captivating investor pitch and give you the opportunity to discuss your business idea with the most experienced mentors and biggest players in the industry. The program will also help you speed up and get you from idea to success in record time. 200 participants cannot be wrong- 96% are very pleased!

The program is for founders with disruptive products and services in the oil- and gas-sector, renewable and new energy solutions. If you have an innovative technology, business model, digitization, robotization or exciting service aimed at one or more of our partners (Equinor, Saudi Aramco Energy Venture, Odfjell Drilling, ArcherM Vest Energy, ABBAker Solutions and Petrolia) this is for you!

The program is provided by GCE Subsea and ACCEL, in cooperation with Bergen Teknologioverføring, Zacco and Sparebanken Vest.

I participated in ACCEL Energy 2017. The entire team behind ACCEL gave good and constructive feedback. As a technologiest, it was very valuable for me to get feedback on the business model, pitch and sales approach. I also want to praise the all the companies that participated for being so open and engaged. I would say that the time I invested in ACCEL has been valuable and helped to ensure growth in my company, both in the short and long term.
— Just S Wessel, Mims Well

The program

23. october 2018 9am-1pm \\ Introduction

We will get to know the program, the contributors and each other. Some short lectures will be given on business development, prototyping and business modelling. Last but not least, we will learn from those who have already come a long way.

23. october 2018 1pm-6pm \\ Pitch training

We'll go right into it; you shall pitch your own business idea. This day will be a day of "tough love." The goal is to deliver an awesome presentation. We all sit down for dinner in the evening.

24. october 2018 8am-12pm \\ Targeted sales
Targeted sales - all you need to know about sales, what happens before, during and after a new customer is on board. We are going to book meetings, train in different situations and define target numbers.

24. october 2018 12pm-5pm \\ Marketing
We will look into PR, social media, websites, video and marketing material. We will learn how to test different messages and how we can effectively buy ads to get the customer inbound.

Your own work in between the gatherings:
Customer talks will be conducted to reveal the customer's needs, problems, wishes and requirements. You get one-to-one follow-up from our trainers.

20. november 2018 9am-16pm \\ MeetMentors 
This day you will meet a whole bunch of mentors (business developers, lawyers, economists, successful entrepreneurs, designers, IP specialists, etc.) to get a heap of input on your business idea.

21. november 2018 9am-16pm \\ MeetCorporates 
This is an unique opportunity to get our industry partners on your side of the table. They will give you tips and advice on how they can become good customers. We aim for quick one-to-one meetings to maximize learning and results.

You will meet the following companies:

  • Equinor Energy Ventures

  • Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures

  • Archer

  • Odfjell Drilling

  • Aker Solutions

  • M Vest Energy

  • Petrolia Drilling

  • ABB

Your own work in between the gatherings:

An investor presentation shall be prepared. You get one-to-one follow-up from our trainers.

12. december 2018 9am-12pm \\ Investor
Valuation, due diligence, working capital, capital needs, soft money, term sheet, shareholder agreements and much more are on the agenda. You will also be able to discuss valuation with the sharpest investor minds out there.

12. december 2018 12pm-6pm \\ Barbecue

Welcome to the barbecue where you are the main course. Our skilled coaches will provide you with constructive feedback on your investorpitch.

13. december 2pm-6pm \\ Investor Day

We will invite all group of targeted investors to an afternoon / evening with pitching, pizza and beer. This is the 17th of May, Christmas Eve, Confirmation, Baptism and Marriage on the same day - You are the driving force of your new future!

Not only does ACCEL offer entrepreneurs with a fine training on pitch deck, it also provides a platform to interact with several potential investors at no cost. Highly recommended
— Kingsley Iwu, InNano

Frequently Asked Questions


We have a small attendance fee that covers parts of the program. For entrepreneurs,  15,000, - per company and for capitalized companies 30,000, - per company. Due to our sponsors, the majority of the program is covered. If you do not show up for at least 80% of the gatherings, a no show fee of 25.000,- per company will be invoiced.

If you have received support from Innovation Norway (market clarification or commercialization) you can use this funding to cover your costs. We have the opportunity to give 1-2 projects free participation. If you want a free participation, you must apply to The short application must describe why you want the attendance fees covered.


Transportation and accommodation is covered by the participants. It could be the program is held partly in Bergen and partly in Stavanger. This is decided when we see where the participants are located.


The program will be relevant to early-stage entrepreneurs who have one or more of our partners as potential customers, partners and / or investors. Early-stage meaning you have an idea, sketch, prototype or product / service, you have a first customer / pilot or will land this within a few months and you are a team (preferably more than one person, but we can be flexible on this). If you are unsure please contact (Caspar - 97169095) and we will help you come to an answer rightaway.


  • Just came up with an idea, but don't know whom this idea is interesting for? Contact us and we will help figure it out.

  • Have an idea you have worked on for a while without progress? You should apply.

  • The team has no network or experience with oil / gas or renewable. Let´s talk and see if this is something for you. Contact us!

  • We have received good feedback from potential customers, but are missing a product / prototype. You should apply!


In order for ACCEL to be a successful program where experiences and knowledge can be exchanged, openness within the program - to be able to openly and freely discuss the different projects- is vital (including ideas, technologies, market conditions, networks, etc.).

We will encourage all participants to use the program to discuss their cases with other participants. Our experience is that new contacts, input to business ideas and a bigger and better network has been gained if you actively participate in the program.

No NDA / Confidentiality Agreements will be signed. The companies share what they feel they can / want to share.


This varies a lot. The program's content is designed to give you an introduction to many of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Some spend a lot of time between programs to do customer interviews, get to know the different tools, prepare for seminars, etc. We believe that those who benefit the most from the program are those who see the program as an opportunity to work in a structured fashion with their business idea, and therefore do not view this as an additional burden (on top of everything else to be done). We have deliberately chosen topics that will give you value, either in the short or long term.


Yes. We strongly recommend that at least two people participate in the seminars. If this is not possible, please write this in the application. You must also expect to work on your business idea in between the seminars. No rules without exceptions, so please feel free to contact us to find a solution.


Contact us!

Caspar on 97169095 or

ACCEL Energy raises you and your project to the utmost potential and makes it obvious to relevant investors!
— Bernt Andersen, Gas Optics

For the partners in NovuMare, participation in the program was very valuable; quite knowledgeable speakers held engaging talks. Lots of good learning. Discussions with Caspar as well as the other participating companies was also quite rewarding. We could harvest from each other’s experiences, which gave valuable insights into how we will drive our idea and our concept further on. Caspar, who was the prime engine for the program, was a key resource for us. He is clearly knowledgeable but also have an approach as a lecturer that creates trust and comfort - in other words, a good discussion environment within the group. I also want to praise the entire team behind ACCEL, which gave good and constructive feedback to the participants on the business model, pitch and sales. All useful to us with primarily sector specific knowledge and training. Furthermore, I applaud all the participants for their open and attentive approach, which strengthened our results from the program.
— Odd Gunnar Jørgensen, Novumare