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Innovation Norway // ONS 2018 // August 27.-30. 2018

Next Energy @ ONS

Next Energy at ONS 2018 will showcase the 12 most promising Norwegian companies that focus on clean energy technology, offshore renewables, carbon capture solutions, new energy solutions and more environmental friendly production of oil and gas. 

The 12 companies will share an exhibition stand in the Clean Energy Park at the ONS in August 2018.

As a Next Energy participant, you will be part of a unique program that not only gives you access to the stand. You will also do 5 days of training and preparation, and extensive 1:1 coaching before the ONS. After the training sessions you will be well prepared to pitch your business idea, learn how to book meetings at the ONS and how to follow up the leads you get during the conference. We will also advice you on what marketing material you should use at the ONS. Moreover, Innovation Norway will give you access to its vast national and international network.

Next Energy is tailored to companies that focus on UN's Sustainable Development Goal # 7: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. This is not just for young startup companies but also more mature companies. It is more important that you have growth ambitions with solutions targeting sustainable development than the age of the company.

The program is provided by Innovation Norway and ACCEL - Norway's most awesome growth program. ACCEL is fueled by Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO).

If you have any questions, please contact Caspar M Lund on or +47 97 16 90 95


Next Energy @ ONS 2018

The Program

As a participant in the Next Energy @ ONS 2018 program, you will get:

  • Access to the professional designed shared stand at the Clean Energy Park for the duration of the ONS
  • A 5 day training workshop hosted by ACCEL in cooperation with Innovation Norway
  • Access to Innovation Norway´s vaste national and internation network
  • 6 hours of mentoring - one-to-one coaching
  • Pitch-event at the ONS Centrecourt

All of this for only NOK 25 000 ex vat. Invoice will be sent before the training sessions starts.

The Next Energy @ ONS 2018 Joint Stand

Innovation Norway will design and build a professional shared stand for the Next Energy @ ONS. You will get access to meeting room facilities, access to monitors where you can show your presentations, pictures and videos. You will also be included in the joint marketing of the stand.


 This is an example of a typical Innovation Norway joint stand. This is just a mockup and it will be adjusted. The final version will be more "Next Energy" branded.

This is an example of a typical Innovation Norway joint stand. This is just a mockup and it will be adjusted. The final version will be more "Next Energy" branded.


The Next Energy Training Sessions

The Training Sessions consists of three separate Training Sessions - 2+2+1 days.

We will start by having 1: 1 meetings with each company to get an introduction to the company's business idea, business model and how the company currently present their business idea.

Training Session 1 Presentation and presentation training - Stavanger April 18th to 19th.
The main focus will be on how companies will present themselves at ONS (both short and long presentations).

  1. How to present a business plan in 1-5-10 minutes, as well as the "2-line pop"
  2. Preparation of script
  3. Train on the script with feedback. Presentations will be filmed.
  4. A test presentation for an external panel
  5. Employees as brands
  6. Which behaviors do you meet and how do you relate to different people
  7. Investorpitch vs customerpitch, what's the difference?

Training Session 2 Sales and Marketing - Stavanger May 23rd to 24th.
The theme for the two days will be what companies should do before and after ONS.

  1. Introduction to sales
  2. What is the goal of ONS - what are your main goals?
  3. How do you build a good "elevator pitch" to create an interest
  4. Understanding the sales funnel
  5. Define "suspect" and "prospect" lists
  6. Train on how to booke meetings
  7. Conduct the first "cold calls", with follow-up from our advisors
  8. How to follow up "suspects" and "prospects" after the ONS
  9. Understand and learn ABC (always be closing)

Training Session 3 Materials - Stavanger June 6th
In this session we will look at how you can use marketing materials before, during and after ONS

  1. Design websites that create commitment to customers. How to test different messages to optimize our message.
  2. Sketch how video and other visual presentation of business idea should look
  3. Create storyboard for video for use under ONS
  4. Social Media Plan
  5. Dress code and behavior
  6. Give-aways and promotions
  7. PR

One-to-one Mentor Sessions

  • Each company receives 6 hours of 1-1 mentor sessions with our advisors
  • We will have a 4 hours session at ONS Sunday 26th of August for final preparations

Typical costs that are not included:

  • Transport and accommodation at the ONS and workshops
  • Food and drinks at the ONS
  • The marketing material for your company at the ONS
  • We have reserved one double room at Smarthotel Forus for each company (NOK 1 500 pr night) from Sunday 26th to Thursdag 30th.